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Why welnext?

If the COVID-19 pandemic had any silver linings, one of them will definitely be highlighting the importance of life insurance and health insurance.

Health issues are rampant among young professionals. It all comes back to the sedentary lifestyle and the lack of work-life balance. They work all throughout the week. By the time the weekend rolls around, they are far too exhausted to indulge in any rejuvenating activities. And the cycle continues. But even when it comes to the process of taking out a health insurance or life insurance policy, it is not really a smooth road.

For starters, insurance scams are rampant in India. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, several gangs have cropped up that fake-kill people to access life insurance payouts. Plus, people often hide their diseases while buying life insurance policies to get lower premium rates. This makes it very hard for life insurance and health insurance companies to verify applications and process claims.

After all, you need screening on another level to be able to sniff out the scamsters!

So, what, then is the solution?

What can life insurance companies do to ensure they provide the best service to their customers while weeding out the scamsters at the same time? Here is where Welnext has got your back.

Our Strength

Fraud Control

Tech empowered operations Pan India network of verified Diagnostic centers Mix of Centralized & De-centralized operations.

Customer Centric

Service driven approach adopted by well experienced team who understand the Customers and their needs.

Tech Enabled Operations

Believing and investing in New Generation Technology to meet customer expectations. Best in class with 100% Quality assured.

Better Efficiency

Optimized mix of Centralized & De-centralized operations ensures improved efficiency & better control.

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