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This is one of the most important activities for insurance companies in accepting a risk, hence has to be dealt extremely carefully and vigilantly to ensure accurate results without any foul play, hence it is extremely important to have rightfully verified quality partners that are spread out strategically. Also, to ensure seamless operations, it is imperative to have quality workforce for best customer experience and sound technological systems to avoid delay and provide consistency.

With our team’s knowledge of IT systems, experience in insurance and customer centric approach, helps us create the right balance of all the requirements, offering the best output to insurance companies

We have a specially designed health services that are completely customizable basis the type of company and their requirements. We offer quality and consistent services across the country. Few of our services include:

 Pre – Employment Health checks
 Drug Test
 Stationed Doctor services
 Nurse Station Facilities
 Annual Health Checks

With rising focus on health of the employees, more and more corporate are turning towards wellness programs to keep their workforce healthier. Wellness programs highlight to employees that their health is important and that their employers are concerned about this aspect. Statistics highlight that employees who exercise regularly and lead healthy lifestyles incur 31% lower health care costs than employees who live sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles. Below are the Wellness programs offered by us:

 Workplace Yoga
 Gym membership discounts
 Preventive care & measures
 Dietitian & Nutrition consultation

We offer other host of other Medical services that come are really important. They range from identifying and scheduling appointment with the specialists to assisting in Treatment packages and loans for uncovered treatments. Following are the list of additional medical services:

 Appointment Scheduling with Specialists
 Onsite Medical Room Management
 Pre – Treatment preparations
 Discounted treatment packages – e.g. Cataract, Maternity etc.
 Loan for customers with uncovered treatments

Fraud Control

Our never ending focus on Fraud Control and measures to curb Fraud will ensure you receive quality output.

Tech Enabled Operations

Our constantly innovating team that believes in ever improving Technological landscape to fulfill client expectation.

Verified Centers

We are constantly expanding our network of Verified quality Medical centers across India with better servicing capability.

Better Efficiency & Control

Our unique mix of Centralized & De-centralized operations ensures improved efficiency & better control.

Customer Centric

Service driven approach of our customer centric team that operates with a single agenda to enhance customer experience.

Quality Oriented

Best in class standards with Quality Assured output.

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